Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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PB Swiss Tools Supports Young Professional Craftspeople
Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces that PB Swiss Tools now makes significant contributions to the initiative associations Swissmen and Swissmechanic. In the future, the Swiss tool manufacturer will continue to use sponsoring primarily to promote young professional craftspeople who want to expand their professional qualifications.

Technical competence, ambition and mental strength are prerequisites for good placement in the World Skills Competitions. About 150 sponsoring requests from all over the world land on the desk of PB Swiss Tools’ communications manager. The budget allows for the consideration of some of these requests but, unfortunately, not all of them. Almost every applicant owns a PB Swiss Tools screwdriver made 100 percent in Switzerland. The company expects that sponsored talent use the high-quality tools because of conviction and experience and, for this reason, recommend them to others.

These requirements are the cornerstones of PB Swiss Tools’ sponsoring concept. The company intends to motivate the participants in the World Skills Competitions and to honor the best for their performances. With this platform, the export-oriented Swiss company promotes its dialogue with the next-generation of professional craftspeople.
PB Swiss Tools presents the winners of the Swiss championship SwissSkills with high-quality tools. Due to their unique properties, the tools are indispensable for both the preparation and the competition. The ideal ergonomics facilitate fatigue-free working under stress conditions. At the same time, the simple, reliable application guarantees safe handling.
Supporting young people in their professional and personal development: PB Swiss Tools follows this mission as sponsor and trainer of apprentices. During and after the apprenticeship, the professionals achieve convincing results with the best hand tools. This is the promise made by the Swiss manufacturer with its claim “Work with the Best.” Thanks to the extraordinary performances of its ambassadors, the PB Swiss Tools brand is being noticed throughout the world.

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