Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Maskless Lithography Appoints D.B. Management Group to handle Marketing effort
Bill Elder CEO of American based Direct Imaging Equipment Manufacturer, Maskless Lithography, Inc. announced the appointment of D.B. Management Group L.L.C to strengthen the company’s marketing plan.
One of the industry’s leading strategic marketing firms, D.B. Management, will be responsible for assisting Maskless Lithography get their message out to the Global Market.

D.B. Management has worked with over one hundred companies since their founding almost fifteen years ago, helping them with their marketing efforts.

Mr. Elder commented, “This is an important step for us as we focus on the North American Market this year. I know from their experience and reputation, D.B. Management and specifically Dan Beaulieu, will help us get our message out to the right companies. We know that Maskless Lithography provides the very best and most economical solution for direct imaging on the market today, and we want to provide that solution to our customers here in North America.”

Beaulieu added, “This is the company I love working with. They have a great product, a product that makes complete sense for every single circuit board fabricator in North America to have. Maskless Lithography is a true product of the future, a game changer and product that every circuit board manufacturer needs to have. I have spent my entire career trying to help circuit board shops be better; showing them how to compete in a global economy and I have no doubt in my mind that there is no better investment a company can make right now than to purchase Maskless Lithography’s Direct Imaging machine. I am truly delighted to be working with Bill and his team.”

About Maskless Lithography
Maskless Lithography designs and manufactures direct-write lithography production equipment for high-yield PCB manufacturing. The global PCB industry is transitioning from conventional contact printing to digital lithography solutions. Maskless’ second generation, direct write, imaging solutions continue to gain traction due to their ability to direct write at twice the throughput of competing digital technologies like LDI. Maskless Lithography delivers “digital imaging at production speeds” ® for PCB makers worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has operations throughout Asia, and North America. For more information visit

About D.B. Management Group L.L.C

Founded fifteen years ago, D.B. Management Group is the PCB industry’s leading consulting group when it comes to strategic sales and marketing. They have worked with over one hundred companies helping them to increase their market presence and thence their sales.
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