Sunday, April 22, 2018
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World Micro Launches Counterfeit Detection and Screening Service
Georgia-based electronics distributor, World Micro, Inc., announced today that it is officially launching its new PASS™ Parts Authentication Screening Services. The PASS™ service consists of a suite of counterfeit detection and screening tests and services that can be performed at the company’s Atlanta-area quality and inspection lab. Turnaround time for most tests is as little as two days and expedited tests can also be requested. Due to ever changing trends in counterfeiting, World Micro has invested heavily in equipment and training to build a world-class laboratory. It is staffed with fully trained and certified IDEA ICE-3000 inspectors who can perform critical anti-counterfeit and other screening processes.

As emphasis on fighting counterfeit electronics has reached an all time high, World Micro’s new PASS™ service comes at an opportune time. Many electronic distributors do not have adequate facilities and equipment to conduct their own screening and can now choose to outsource any number of tests at highly competitive prices. World Micro’s testing service is also ideal for distributors and customers facing tight deadlines for critical applications. Alternatively, the service can be tapped when a company just “wants a second opinion” for high reliability or high-risk projects.

The primary tests and services offered through PASS™ include X-Ray, X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF), Decapsulation, Heated Solvent Testing, Visual Inspection, and Solderability Testing. All tests include comprehensive reporting of results. Customers do not need to buy parts from World Micro to use the service, but a twenty percent discount is offered for those who do.

“There are only a handful of companies in the U.S. who can offer this kind of service”, said Gary Beckstedt, director of global quality at World Micro, “As the pressure mounts through government mandates, industry proposed standards such as AS6081, and increased regulation, many distributors and suppliers must decide to make huge capital investments or outsource these services. As more customers begin to use the new PASS™ service, fewer counterfeit components enter the supply chain, which is known to be a threat to business, equipment reliability, and even human life,” added Beckstedt.

The company has created a schedule of standard test lab fees and details are available from the company’s website, by contacting its customer service department at (800) 400-5026 or email

About World Micro Components, Inc.

World Micro, Inc., is a global, aerospace, military, commercial, and medical electronic component and products distributor focused on quality systems. The company also leads the industry in detection of counterfeit components and anti-counterfeit education and training. Since 1996, World Micro has helped its customers solve difficult supply chain issues through innovative research, design, sourcing, stocking, procurement, inventory, and management solutions. World Micro, Inc. is privately held with headquarters in Roswell, Georgia, and an Asian distribution hub in Penang, Malaysia.
The company's website is and can be followed on Twitter at

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