Thursday, May 24, 2018
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The first high pressure inductive analog position sensor on the market. Only from Balluff
FLORENCE, KY -  Balluff high pressure inductive analog sensor rated up to 500 bar.
Balluff now offers a high pressure inductive analog sensor rated up to 500 bar. This is the first sensor of its kind on the market today. This high pressure sensor is ideal for valve control and hydraulic cylinder cushioning applications. Corrosion-resistant housing materials, high strength ceramic sensing faces and special sealing techniques allow dependable service up to 500 bar or pressure.


One design - two output models
Switching for final position detection
Analog for control of valves or immediate stop
Oil pressure up to 500 bar
IP68 in high quality M12 stainless steel housing
0.5 to 2mm sensing range
Balluff_HighPressure_SensorThe Balluff high pressure inductive analog sensors are ideal for applications that involve the control and service measurements of valves, position monitoring in mobile hydraulic systems, parked positions of cranes, final position of installation supports, and control of agricultural technology.
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