Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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GPD Global: New Dispense Pump
Fluid dispensing system.
Grand Junction, CO — GPD Global has introduced its PCD4 Dispense Pump for global distribution after its successful release and testing in the North American market.

The new dispensing pump provides next-generation volumetric dispensing and is compatible with materials used in electronics assembly such as LED encapsulants, underfills, oils, silicones and UV curable fluids, as well as many other low-viscosity liquids outside of the electronics industry. PCD Technology is designed for GPD Global platforms and may be used with other robots or tabletop operations with an easy-to-use tabletop controller.

Viscous fluids are delivered to the substrate via luer nozzles and performance is exceptional when using GPD Global "S" Taper tips. The metering technique is not affected by variations in temperature or reservoir pressure, thereby improving day-to-day and start-to-finish process results. The company's enhanced flow rate luer dispense tips offer higher flow rates than standard luer nozzles with a much lower pressure build-up.

Contact: GPD Global, 611 Hollingsworth Street, Grand Junction, CO 81505 800-742-5473 or 970-245-0408 fax: 970-245-9674 E-mail: request@gpd-global.com Web:

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