Monday, June 25, 2018

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Viscom Develops Innovative 3-D MID Inspection System
MID inspection system.
Hanover, Germany — Three-dimensional (3-D) MID (molded interconnect devices) products are finding ever-widening applications, especially in the automotive industry. And this development has brought with it the need for more sophisticated imaging systems for inspection.

In order to meet the requirements of 3D MID inspection, the inspection system has been equipped with the well-proven high-performance Viscom 8M camera technology. The inspection tasks required for MID construction and connection technology are carried out with standard resolution and after metallization, in high=resolution mode.

If conductive adhesive is used in addition to solder paste, color camera technology also comes into play. For wirebond applications, it is possible to apply the tried and tested wirebond camera technology with resolution from 2.5 to 5µm/pixel, which can inspect all current thin bond wires.

An additional special feature of 3-D MID products is that the individual inspection objects are positioned on different levels. In order to guarantee reliable inspection under these conditions, angular inspection is used. With it, even hidden areas can be reliably checked. To ensure the object being inspected is viewed with the correct depth of focus even at different heights, the camera head can be moved along the Z-axis.

One other aspect during development of the inspection system S6056 MID was finding a solution for handling the 3-D circuit assemblies, which are characterized by widely varying forms and contours. In many applications the devices are transported in custom designed trays or pallets. In addition to the single track solution, Viscom also offers throughput-optimized double track transport and customer-specific solutions.

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