Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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LeaderTech: Multi-Cavity Shielding Solutions
Compartmentalized shielding.
Tampa, FL — Leader Tech's Multi-Cavity Slot-Lok Pro Shield is a proprietary board-level shielding product that uses standardized manufacturing methods to create near custom multi-cavity solutions with minimal nonrecurring engineering charges (NRE) and virtually limitless customization options.

The shielding series is constructed from a solid, RoHS-compliant frame and a removable high-retention cover. This allows engineers to effectively combine multiple shields under the same footprint, saving space, weight, assembly cost and time-to-market. The 2-piece frame and removable cover construction also facilitates easy rework and inspection processes.

In addition to offering up to 60dB of shielding effectiveness (SE), the shields are quickly installed using through-hole or surface mount soldering.

Contact: Leader Tech, 12420 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33626 813-855-6921 fax: 813-855-3291 E-mail: Web:

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