Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Finetech: Matrix Rework System
Rework system can handle board batches.
Berlin, Germany — Finetech is presenting the latest rework and bonder generation FINEPLACER® matrix. Depending on the application, the semi-automated machine platform can be configured to perform as a hot gas rework station or an assembly and bonding platform with 10 or 3µ placement accuracy.

When configured for SMD rework tasks, the FINEPLACER matrix is an innovative hot gas rework station which is available for a wide range of applications. Its integrated process management (IPM) makes this machine a reference in professional rework. The machine was designed in close co-operation with globally active OEMs.

The system includes the highly efficient bottom heating module RB30, which in perfect balance with the top heating, 4200W power guarantees a very even heat distribution when reworking large boards and massive components that soak up a lot of heat. The unit has 12 independent heating segments which can be individually activated in the reflow profile, allowing both full-area or very selective local heat input to one or a batch of two to 12 boards at a time. The capability to prepare several circuit boards at once makes for an improved workflow and short process times. Optionally available is a forced cooling function which helps reduce the cooling phases between reflow processes by 67 percent.

Contact: Finetech, 8380 S. Kyrene, Ste. 110, Tempe, AZ 85284 480-893-1630 fax: 480-893-1632 E-mail: Web:

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