Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Multitest: Quad-Site MEMS Applications
MEMs/DUT handling system.
Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest has expanded its MEMS portfolio to pick-and-place applications with the introduction of its test and calibration cart for the MT9510.

The company's MEMS solutions now are available for strip test and singulated package test on Multitest InStrip with optional InCarrier — the well-established gravity test handlers MT93xx and MT9928, or the MT9510XP tri-temp pick-and-place handler. This new combination is based on the two platforms: MT MEMS and MT9510. The company has developed this even further by leveraging the contact site dimension of the MT9510 x16, and is now able to offer a quad-site test solution for MEMS on pick-and-place handlers.

Contact: Multitest Electronic Systems, Inc., 4444 Centerville Road, Suite 105, St. Paul, MN 55127-3700 651-407-7777 fax: 651-407-7290 E-mail: Web:

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