Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Balluff Software Improves Display and RFID Data on Handhelds
Handheld receiver/computer for RFID display and database apps.
Florence, KY — Balluff has released two new software solutions that allow users to easily customize and display their RFID and bar code data on Bailuff handhelds without the need for programming.

The Template Software and the BISPortal Software Solutions both allow users to access RFID data anywhere using a mobile Balluff/PSION handheld. Both software packages use the same Windows-based PC configuration software which allows the user to configure the data descriptions and data format displayed on the handheld with a simple "template" format developed on the PC and uploaded to the handheld. The data can be displayed in different formats including: ASCII, Binary, BCD, Byte, Integer, Long Integer, Floating Point, and Hexadecimal.

Both software programs allow the user to save and transfer data files using the handheld's cradle USB connection, built-in Bluetooth radio, or an optional WLAN card. According to the company, the ISPortal software solution can extend the use of RFID enabled handhelds to new levels for bar code reading, RFID tag data, and database searching. The BISPortal software supports reading both linear and 2D bar codes directly into the user created handheld data screen allowing the user to easily mix RFID and bar code data without having to switch between multiple software on the handheld. The BISPortal software enables searches through large amounts of RFID tag data with a special query screen or compare any data read from RFID tags or bar codes to a database, then load from matching data into the open template data screen for a complete visual data record right there in the user's hand.

The software expands use of industrial RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems for data tracking and error proofing solutions for applications in machine tool, flexible assembly, production, automation, warehousing, logistics, and distribution tracking.

Contact: Balluff, Inc., 8125 Holton Drive, Florence, KY 800-543-8390 Web:

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