Sunday, May 20, 2018
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NRD Intros 2 New Ionizing Fans
Grand Island, NY — NRD has introduced two new products in the Staticmaster line, the Ionmaster models 4065 and 4067. Both of the fans use the company's proprietary alpha ionizing technology which eliminates the need for constant recalibration and emitter pin replacement.

The Ionmaster 4065 is a high output blower ionizer that uses technology that eliminates the needs for recalibration often found on other units. Used in conjunction with the "Quick Change" P-2060 ionizing cartridge, the 4065 is well suited for electronics applications where a wide area of coverage is desired. The large diameter opening on the 4065 allows for a high air volume to pass through the ionizer.

The 4067 mini ionizing blower provides a continually balanced output down to zero volts and is suitable for bench-top electronics repair and assembly. The 4067 blower is coupled with the model p-2062 alpha ionizing unit and also utilizes NRD's new "Quick Change" design to minimize unit downtime and decrease interruptions to bench-top work. The 4067 can be used with the model ARM-002 articulated arm for maximum positioning. Both units utilize NRD?s proprietary alpha ionizing technology to produce balanced static control down to zero volts.

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