Monday, June 18, 2018
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Milara Debuts 2-D Post-Print Inspection Software
Inspection software pinpoints problems.
Medway, MA — Milara Incorporated is introducing Vision System Alignment and 2-D Post-Print Inspection powered by Coherix. The vision system provides two basic functions: fiducial location (used to align the PCB to the stencil in X/Y/Theta) and post-print inspection (used to detect over and under print), utilizing a high-resolution 1024 x 768 pixel resolution camera system.

The fiducial location function uses state-of-the-art pattern recognition to locate fiducials on the PCB and stencil. Proprietary, multi-stage sub pixeling algorithms provide increased accuracy, and increased robustness is achieved with grayscale edge-based processing.

The post-print inspection function ensures proper solder paste application to the printed circuit board (PCB) with a field of view (FOV) of 63mm2 and an inspection shot rate of <220msec. Proprietary grayscale-based inspection makes it simple to detect excess solder paste (overprint) and insufficient solder paste (under print).

Contact: Milara Inc., 4 Marc Road, Medway, MA 02053 508-533-5322 E-mail: Web:

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