Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Suntron in Channel Partnership with Axiomtek
Phoenix, AZ — Suntron Corporation has entered a channel partnership with Axiomtek, a major design and manufacturing company in the Industrial Computer field. Through this beneficial technology and sales partnership, Suntron is procuring award-winning products from Axiomtek and is integrating them into a finished product or subassembly.

Suntron and Axiomtek have a long standing relationship and have worked together on many projects, serving a wide variety of markets. Currently, Suntron and Axiomtek are collaborating on multiple projects, including one for a leading lighting design corporation. In this application, Suntron purchases off-the-shelf hardware from Axiomtek and integrates it into a control box for LED lighting.

Contact: Suntron Corp., 2401 West Grandview Road, Phoenix, AZ 85023 602-789-6600 Web:

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